September 27, 2012

Thursday Brain Dump

Brought to you by the fact that my garbage disposal, dishwasher and air-conditioning are ALL NOT WORKING right now therefore neither is my brain. So here you go, another trip to the murky depths of my brain.
1) Madonna. WHISKEY.TANGO.FOXTROT. In case anyone was still holding out hope that maybe she might have a shred of sanity left, her profanity laced drunken shout out to President Obama should squash it. I don't care about your politics at all -- this was cray cray. And if I were the POTUS I would be quietly having the CIA off her so that she wouldn't endorse me, ever again.
2) Guys, I still judge people at the grocery store. I can't help it. I try, I really do. I also judge people who tell me they are eating healthy because their mac-n-cheese is organic. Ummm no. Mac-n-cheese is never really a healthy meal.
3) I am glad that the real NFL refs are going to be back this weekend so I don't have to see it all over my newsfeed every five seconds.
4) I don't like Pumpkin Spice Lattes. There. I said it. I am out of the Starbucks closet. Judge me.
5) We had two weeks of gorgeous Fall weather and then yesterday it was 87F and muggy. Come back Fall. I miss you.
6) Evie is going to be a dinosaur for Halloween. You will not find me at Michael's, Hobby Lobby of Jo-Ann trolling the aisles for patterns and fabric. I'm ordering that shizz straight from Amazon and I'm proud of it. Please refer to my "about me" section for the reason why.
7) Friends, my OB cleared me for another pregnancy earlier this week. That combined with the birth of this beautiful girl has sent me over the edge into full blown baby fever. I want one! Don't get too excited because it'll still be a while, but for the first time I am truly open to and excited for another baby (more on this later).
8) I am beyond excited that all of my shows are back on! I have not watched this week's Parenthood yet, but I know I am going to cry like a baby. I also want to start watching The New Normal & Ben and Kate.
9) My kid learned how to say shut-up. I AM THAT MOTHER. Must watch mouth around the toddler!
10) I can't wait for this weekend. I swear this has been the longest week in the history of weeks. I am exhausted and so ready to lay around, and (hopefully if it cools off) make red beans and rice!
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