September 20, 2012

Vegetarian Baby

Evie is not a picky eater. She never has been. For the most part she has enjoyed eating a variety of foods and, quite frankly, we have enjoyed it too. At eighteen months old she loves Thai food, Chinese food, Japanese food, Indian food, Mexican food, Italian and of course good ol' American cuisine -- as long as it is meat free. Because this kid just doesn't like meat.
Last night we had taco chicken rice bowls for dinner. In her little divider plate I gave her chicken with black beans and some cheese sprinkled on top, brown rice and oranges. She loves black beans and literally picked around the chicken to eat them. The rice was eaten and so were the oranges, but not a bite of chicken. Meatballs in spaghetti sauce go untouched. Turkey burgers with cheese are ignored. Steak will be thrown to the dogs.
The only real meat protein she will eat is fish. And by fish I mean fish and fish only, not shrimp, fish. I'd feed her fish every day if I could but this plan has three problems: 1) Her daddy and I would get sick of fish, and I am not making two dinners. My mom never did it with my brother and I and I won't do it with Evie. 2) There is too much mercury in fish for her to eat it every day. 3) Fresh sustainable sea food is expensive. We aren't Rockefellers here people. 
Even when she was an inside baby she didn't like meat. I didn't eat meat for almost 16 weeks and still sometimes have trouble getting it down. In fact I still can't eat pork in most forms and raw hamburger meat still makes me gag. 
So I guess she knows what she likes and always has. I have no problem with this, however I want to make sure she is getting plenty of protein and I need some help figuring this out!  I've never been a vegetarian so I don't really know great substitute meals.
So if you have any great vegetarian recipes or ideas please please please share them! I need your help!
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