September 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Feed the Ducks

On Sunday we took Evie to the city park to feed the ducks. Knowing how much she loves animals I figured it would be a hit. Not-so-much. The ducks at the park are all apparently fat and lazy, and probably over fed. Also, toddlers can't throw very far. Evie either hoarded the bread in her fat little fist or dropped it straight down in the water and tried to pick it up. Between the fear that Evie would fall in the lake and either drown or become infested with giardia this momma's anxiety couldn't take it so we headed over to the play ground instead. Way more fun!
{Check out this bad dude. Did not want to mess with him!}
 {"Feeding" the ducks!}

{Momma's water cup is way more fun!}

{Swinging with Daddy! So much fun!}

{Flying baby curls. Having so much fun!}

{Quick play break to take a photo with mommy. She does love me I promise, she just wanted to keep playing!}

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