October 9, 2012

A Polite Little Weirdo

Round about July or so we really started working on Please and Thank You with Evie. She got please pretty much immediately. Thank you we had more trouble with. Whenever we would give her something we always said, "Now Evie, say thank you!". So in her mind whenever you gave someone something you say thank you, not when you are the recipient. It was pretty damn cute, I'm not gonna lie.

Eventually she figured out the proper time to say thank you, and now she loves saying it.

Our mealtimes often go like this:

Evie: Chair! Chair! Bite! (I'm hungry! Put me in my highchair so I can eat!)

Me: Ok, Evie.

After I pick her up and put her in her chair...

Evie: Tay Tyouuuuuuuuuuuu!

Me: You're welcome!

After I put her meal or snack on her tray...

Evie: Tay Tyou!

Me: You're welcome baby!

After she takes a bite...

Evie: Tay Tyou!

Me: You're welcome sweetie!

After she takes the second bite...

Evie: Tay Tyou!

Me: You're welcome honey, but you don't have to thank me after every bite!

After she takes another bite...

Evie: Tay Tyou!

And it can, and probably will, go on like this until the meal is finished, at which point she thanks me for taking her out of the chair.

Just another sweet little quirk in my overly polite baby's personality.

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