October 19, 2012

Too Stupid to Give Up

Two weeks ago I posted this picture on Instagram:

Then I had a mini panic attack, because y'all, the shizz just got real. I'm going. We are going. This crazy plan that Erin and I dreamed up back in early August is really really real. We are Chicago bound.

And then I thought what if I can't do it? What if I fail?

Then I remembered that a very wise man (ahem, my Daddy) told me about a month ago  that the secret to success in business was simply to be, "too stupid to give up." As a man who has built three (or is it four now I can't keep up) very successful businesses from the ground up, I respect his opinion greatly. And let's face it, while this blog is many many things to me, a part of it is a business.
So that's where I stand now, I'm too stupid to give up. I've been working really hard. Since July, I've more than doubled my monthly page views, grown my Twitter and Facebook following and I'm now working on sending out emails to companies regarding reviews, giveaways and sponsorships. I'm reading and learning about SEO and Google Analytics and still trying to figure out Google + -- which if you've figured that out, please clue me in.
I'm going to do this, and, while I'm still nervous and panicking a bit, I'm really freaking excited about it too.
PS -- If you are interested in what my Dad does, check it out here! 
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