October 10, 2012

When the well runs dry.

This place has been and is where I write about the excess of our lives. The joy and the pain and the realness of our real life has always been my inspiration for writing.
And this week I feel like I've got nothing left over to give here. I open my computer each night and stare at the screen while the cursor blinks at me like it's yelling, "Write something, Sarah! Write!".
But nothing comes. And it's because life has been rough lately. We've had a sick baby, sick dogs, a husband out of town, a momma single parenting and working full time and my work has been crazy. For one reason or another we are looking at the necessity of putting in a lot of extra hours over the next month. Which is fine, but I dread losing that time with my family. And at the end of the day I'm left with nothing left to give, to myself and to this space here. I'm struggling to feel enough about something to write about it, but the truth is I am too tired to feel enough motivation to paint my toenails, much less anything else.
And this is it, when the well runs dry, when I feel like I've got just enough to get through the day and nothing left at the end.
And I don't want to write just to write. I want to write for it to mean something, even if it only means something to me.
Thanks for listening to me ramble, and thanks for hanging in there while I get my mojo back.
I love you all to pieces!
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