October 24, 2012

WW: Pumpkin Patch

Saturday we planned to take Evie to the pumpkin patch at Cedar Hill Farm. I was super excited to drag out the ol' Nikon and get some super cute pictures of Evie to compare to last year's photos. However, when I got out of the shower Evie appeared with a bright red bleeding scratch down her face. Her Daddy had no clue how it got there. Great. Oh well I could edit that out. Then as we are getting ready I asked Chris where the Nikon was. It wasn't nestled in my camera bag the way it should have been. His face kind of paled as he told me it was locked in a drawer at his office. Sigh. A rather large argument followed in which he wanted to go get the camera and I just wanted to go to the pumpkin patch. I won. So while these were supposed to be high quality good photos, I've got a bit of iPhoneography to share with you!

And you want to know a secret? Even without the camera attached to my hand, we had a great time, and that's what counts.

{Entrance to the patch!}

 {Selecting the perfect punkin!}

{Yep! This is the one!}

{Family Photos! I really love the one of me looking insane trying to convince Evie that the pumpkins were something to smile about!}

{Playing on the tractor after!}

{And just for fun some from last year! Look how little she was!}

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