November 1, 2012

Big Fat Fail

So Halloween was one of those days when you feel like a big fat mom failure. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you know that I've been super sick since early Monday morning. I'm talking feels someone beat me with a baseball bat, can't get out of bed, aching, fever, this must be what dying feels like, SOMEONE BRING THE PAINKILLERS sick.
So, the pink bow never got added to Evie's dinosaur costume. We never carved our perfectly selected pumpkins and I didn't get to make the Halloween treats I had planned. I forgot to buy juice boxes (yes I know, but it's once a year for a special occasion) and candy for her class party (luckily my momma swooped in to the rescue and brought them over when she came to take care of her sick daughter). I had to miss her class party as well as the party at my husbands work because I had to cram three days of work into one, and Evie's costume was WAAAY too big. So she looked like a weird green blob with a tail. Disappointing after my dino dreams.
Wednesday I kept running around in my head all the things that were wrong with the day. The missing her party, the insanity of being back at work, the still feeling like crap, just everything, they were all eating me up. I kept tearing up thinking I was the worst mom in the history of Halloween, that I totally botched the whole damn thing. I left work still feeling like a failure.
At some point on the drive home, despite all of the pity parties I had and the bad mood I was still toting, I decided we were going to have a fun night, that we would salvage some of this Halloween. So I made a quick decision to make those treats I had planned, to change Evie's costume into something that fit, for Chris and I to "dress up" too and take our kid out trick or treating.
We had fun. Despite the too chilly night, the sickness and the tiredness we had fun. Evie rocks at Trick or Treating.
I'll do a full Halloween recap next week, but for now I just wanted to share that despite a crappy start and me feeling like a failure, we had a great Halloween. Also, we went as VOLS fans and Evie was a cheerleader, obvi. Here's a little preview. Also, I freaking love my speedlight.
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