November 26, 2012

Respecting the Bird!

So I've got like about ten million Christmas posts to share with y'all, however, I have to post my Thanksgiving recap first, because I am type A like that. Plus, I'm pretty strict about respecting the bird, although I may have cheated and listened to a wee bit of Christmas music and sneaked in one Gingerbread latte before Thursday. What can I say? I'm a rebel.

We had a great Thanksgiving. We've been spending Thanksgiving up at Pickwick lake the past few years. Chris' grandmother is in a nursing home about twenty minutes away. We spend the night at Chris' parents lakehouse on Wednesday night and this allows Chris, Chris' mom and dad, Evie and me to go visit her on Thanksgiving. This year she had a great day! She was smiling and talking. She even asked to hold Evie and called her sweetie pie! I won't go into the details of her illness, but let's just say this was HUGE. We all walked out with huge smiles on our faces.

Aftwewards we went to my parents' lakehouse to eat Thanksgiving dinner. Other than some issues with the turkey fryer not working (but don't you worry the men rigged it up) we had a great day, and it was all smooth sailing. Dinner was delicious, dessert was fantastic (I made it so of course it was) and we all left the table happy and a bit too full!

Evie and I spent the night with my parents that night and headed back in the morning. Even though I am married now with a kid, there is still something special about waking up in the same house as your parents and sibling. It's almost like being a kid again, especially when your mom takes your toddler outside to play and you get ten minutes a peace to enjoy a cup of coffee! Win!

So, Thanksgiving 2012 is in the books. It went down as a great one! Until next year Mr. Turkey!

{Place Settings!}

{My mom, my brother and Chris' Mom cooking!}

 {The men setting up the fryer!}

{No, mom. No. I won't look at the camera!}

{Ok. Now I will.}

{This picture makes me laugh. It also kind of scares me.}

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