November 9, 2012

Toddle Along Wordless Wednesday: Halloween

I know I promised this to y'all about a week ago and I am shamefully late with this post, but this Halloween was so {unexpectedly} awesome that I have to share and document.

So you know that I spent most of Halloween in a pissed off pouty mood, but turned it around and ended up having a blast! My kid is absolutely the cutest trick-or-treater in the world! After the first house, which was our neighbors who were very patient with her and let her snag as many bags of m-n-ms as she wanted, she was a pro. She would try to climb out of the wagon as soon as we pulled up to a walkway. Either Chris or I would walk with her up to the door. If there was a dog inside she would immediately start hollering "Dawck! "Dawck!". Then when the door was opened she'd look up and smile so sweet and say, "Pwease!?".  After she carefully placed her candy in her bag she would say "Tay Tyou!" with a grin. To say that she charmed the pants off of every one of our neighbors would be an understatement. They all gushed over how cute she was and how much they loved her costume, even the Alabama fans.

I took her back home for bed around 8:15 or so while Chris stayed and hung out with our neighbors for a bit. They go all out for Halloween and have a grown up trick-or-treat bucket too. Evie was in a great mood for being up forty-five minutes past her bedtime. She was all giggles and smiles while I got her dressed. I worried a little bit about her being up so late and having so much more stimulation than normal, but she did great. We didn't have any issues with meltdowns and after some snuggles she went straight to bed.
We had such a great night and I can't wait until next year!

{Not so sure about this Halloween business...}

{Ok. Trick-or-treating rocks!}

{Trick-or-treating with Momma!}

{Trick-or-treating with Daddy!}

{Just before we headed home! Such a fun night!}

{Evie's stash! Not bad for seven houses, and she put the paci in there.}

{Passed. Out.}

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