November 15, 2012


Can we take a minute and talk about strangers touching my child and how I am 100% not okay with it?

A few days ago Evie and I were in Kroger waiting for our turn at the deli department. The line was a few deep, and they were understaffed so it was taking longer than normal. An older lady struck up a conversation with me, of course, over how gorgeous Evie is. This is not abnormal; when you live in the South you make a new friend every where you go especially if you are stuck in line together. I've also learned that as a momma with a chubby rosy cheeked baby girl with wide blue eyes the conversations will mostly revolve around Evie's general adorableness.

So no, this conversation wasn't out of the ordinary. We stood there chatting for a minute until she reached out a hand and said, "Oh! I just have to squeeze you!" and reached over and squeezed Evie's thigh. Now I know that this woman didn't have bad intentions, but Evie didn't. Evie's not real keen on  being touched by or talked to by strangers, which is why I was shocked she did so well on Halloween. So when this lady reached out and gave her thigh a squeeze, Evie's lower lip poked out and she started to whimper, which then resulted in a full on whine for the rest of the trip. Oy.

This was just one trip too. I can't count the number of hand grabbers, cheek strokers, pony tail tuggers and thigh squeezers that have freaked Evie out over the course of her 20 month life.

So let's all take a moment for a lesson in baby etiquette, shall we.

If you aren't immediate family or very close friends of the family don't touch my kid*. If I've just met you in a check out line, party or other social venue, don't touch my kid. If it's cold and flu season, don't touch my kid. If Evie reminds you so much of your grandbaby who is "X" months old, don't touch my kid. If we are in the doctor's office, don't touch my kid. If you love chubby cheeks, don't touch my kid. If you think she's adorable, don't touch my kid.

Bottom Line: don't touch my kid. Babies and toddlers need personal space too. She will let you know if she's comfortable enough to be held or touched. Then you can ask me, her mother, if it is okay.

*exceptions to this rule are her doctors & teachers.

I can't be the only one this happens to. Does it bother you when people touch your baby without permission?

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