November 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: ZOO!

One of the very best things about buying a membership pass to The Memphis Zoo is that on a Thursday Chris can look at his phone, check the weather and say, "Hey, it's gonna be really nice on Saturday, wanna take Evie to the zoo?", and off we go!

This past Saturday the weather was perfect for a Zoo outing. It was cool in the morning and warm and sunny in the afternoon. It was that perfect temperature where you don't need a jacket or coat. We had a great time eating lunch and hanging out. The Fall foliage was beautiful, especially since we don't usually get Fall colors here due to our overly hot Julys and Augusts. This year's milder late Summer temperatures have given us a gorgeous Fall though. A few of the more exciting exhibits like the Giraffe Feeding Adventure have been closed for the season, but that's ok because all of the Christmas decorations are up! When you first walk into the zoo there is a giant stone hippo with a Santa hat! Evie was so enamored with him. We taught her to say Hippo, but of course she says, "Bupbo" instead (which is just about the most adorable thing ever). So, of course our first stop of the day was in the gift shop so her Daddy could spoil her with a new stuffed animal, a bupbo named Harriet!

{Evie & Harriet the Hippo!}

{We talked up the monkeys all week & she was so excited to see them! She kept hollering muh-key!}

{Zebras & Ostrich in The African Veldt!}

{Totem Pole outside of The Northwest Passage!}

{Beautiful Fall Colors!}

{Our trip through Teton Trek!}

{Maybe next time I'll be brave enough to ride the ferris wheel!}

{It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!}

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