December 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: A New Christmas Tradition

Back in October when we visited the pumpkin patch at Cedar Hill Farm we happened to notice that they also have a Christmas Tree farm and put on a breakfast with Santa on Saturdays and Sundays in late November and December. We immediately decided we wanted to make this a family tradition at Christmastime. The Saturday after Thanksgiving we loaded up the families for Evie's first time picking out and cutting down a live tree and breakfast with Santa.

It was freezing cold out (unlike now where it's 70 degrees in December) which was perfect for the beginning of our Christmas festivities. We spent awhile perusing the firs before we spotted the perfect tree. Chris actually pointed Leroy* (our tree) out to me. I couldn't help but agree that he was gorgeous: full of fluffy branches and ideally shaped. He was neither too thin on top nor too fat on bottom. Did I mention he was almost thirteen feet tall? After that there was no going back; I was sold on Leroy. No amount of perfectly shaped nine foot beauties could convince me that Leroy wasn't meant to be our tree. So down and home he came with us.

After we picked out the perfect tree and my stud muffin of a husband cut him down we took our pink noses and numb fingers and headed inside for breakfast with Santa! We all had a great time, and the food was really delicious. All of it was homemade down to the pumpkin spice donuts!

After breakfast we lined up to take Evie's picture with Santa. She was not sure about it, and wanted her Momma right by. Santa was kind enough to let Rufus sit on his lap too and even autographed Evie's book for her!

It was a great day, and we can't wait til next year!

{a part of the tree farm}


{my mother in law in her fab-o hat! She's so cute!}


{Hanging Out with Grandpa & Nana!}

{Peace Out Homies!}

{Riding on Uncle William's Shoulders!}

{Family Photo in Front of Leroy!}

{The ENTIRE family in front of Leroy!}

{Chris Sawing Away & Me Helping!}

{Ready for Some Breakfast!}

{Santa! I know him!}

{Santa's Helper!}

{Rufus Wanted to Sit with Santa Too!}

{So over it!}

{Playing on the Playground After!}


*Yes. I named our tree. I name all the things.
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