January 19, 2013

College Just Got Easier

In typical long term planner style Chris and I have already started a college savings fund for Evie. It's not huge, but with small monthly contributions and the occasional gift from her grandparents we've got enough for oh, say one class?

The cost of a university education is high and going up. I discovered all of this while researching what it would cost for me to return to school to get my Master's of Arts in Teaching. It's costly folks. The books alone are insanely expensive.

That's why I was excited to find out about Campus Book Rentals a company that allows you to rent instead of buy your texts books saving you hundreds (probably thousands) of dollars. Just renting this one book would have saved me my parents over 50%! Even better you get all the perks of owning your own books!

  • You get 40-90% off of bookstore prices
  • You get free shipping both ways
  • There are flexible renting periods
  • You get to highlight in the text books (yes!!!)
  • Best of all they donate to their humanitarian partner, Operation Smile with every text book rental.
I really wish that I had an option like this available when I was at CU. I have so many old text books that I couldn't sell that are now out of date; that alone is motivation to try this out next time!

If you are in school or know someone who is check out Campus Book Rentals!

This post is Sponsored by Campus Book Rentals. All opinions are my own and are not for sale.*
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