January 11, 2013

Daddy's Girl

On a somewhat dreary cold day in October of 2010 Chris and I found out we were having a little girl. I was flabbergasted and somewhat disbelieving. Chris was ecstatic; he always secretly (and not so secretly) wanted a little girl. Still, before the excitement took over, I saw just a flicker of uncertainty flash across his face.
Later on we talked several times about his fears in becoming a girl dad. Would she hate him at thirteen? Dear God what about dating? He'd have to run them all off with a shotgun, wouldn't he? What if she didn't like him? How do you even take care of a girl? An only child he knew little about girls growing up. He was a wonderful son, and outstanding husband.  I reassured him many times that his parents had given him the tools he needed to be an excellent father, that the bond between father and daughter is something so special that it can't be explained. It just is. I told him I had always been a Daddy's girl, and so would Evie, that he would be lucky enough to be the first man she danced with and the first man she loved.
I have to say I was right. It took us both awhile to get acclimated to being parents, but as far as the girl dad thing goes, Chris took to it like a fish to water.
He is so good with Evie, and she loves anything to do with Daddy. In fact most mornings when I go get her out of bed she looks around and says, "Daddy?!" before she even gives me a hug. At night we almost always arrive home before Chris. When she hears the garage open and the car pull into the garage she starts cheering, "Daddy! Home! Yay yay yay Daddy!". It's freaking adorable.
He's willing to play tea party and grocery shopping until the cows come home but he also has taught her how to give head butts and fist bumps. The two of them will make up games and play for hours. She loves to wear Daddy's boots and help him play Xbox. When she's in the mood Evie will demand hugs and kisses from Daddy for hours. 
I know from my relationship with my own mother that the relationship between mother and daughter is very special, that when it comes to boys and prom dresses I'll be the one she looks to, but right now watching Evie become such a Daddy's girl is sp special.
There's something special about watching your husband toss the beautiful child you made together into the air, hearing her squeal with laughter and smiles because she knows she will always be safe with her Daddy, that he'll always be there to catch her when she needs it. Turns out, I was right afterall.
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