January 2, 2013

MIA & Year in Review

Well, hello there friends. I've been gone from this place for almost two weeks now. There's not really one big reason for taking a break. We aren't experiencing major upheaval or anything like that. The truth is that I decided to focus on spending time with my family, not the internet, for the past few weeks. We've had quite a bit of family time and I've so enjoyed reveling in it. I honestly considered walking away from here, just not coming back, but then I found myself thinking, "I can't wait to write about this!" or "Oh, this deserves a post of its own!". I'm not done here yet. I love this space too much, but like with all good things (and even the great amazing things), sometimes you need a little break. 
Oh, and I had pneumonia -- that too. So while I could have treated you to a few high on steroids and pain pills posts I elected not to and watched many episodes of One Tree Hill instead.  I'm getting better though, so yay!
I've got a lot to throw at y'all in the next few weeks. I've got some Christmas recaps to share, goals to create, giveaway winners to announce and some new giveaways to post. I am really looking forward to getting back into it and REALLY stretching my blogging legs in 2013 (also, I can finally say I'M GOING TO BLOGHER THIS YEAR!!!) but for now I want to take a look back at the best of 2012. Based on popularity and some personal feelings these are my 10 BEST OF 2012!
1) The one where I get real pissy with the mommy wars, Kicking the Mommy Wars Where the Sun Don't Shine.
2) Taking on people who call my daughter fat, Can We Stop Calling My Daughter Fat Now?
3) I was a better parent before I had kids, Never Have I Ever.
4) An Open Letter to Moms with PPD/A, You Just Can't See It Yet.
5) Why my c-section scar really is beautiful, A Letter to My Scar.
6) I picked up poop with my bare hands, Adventures in Motherhood.
7) Photographic evidence that I had a child, Evie's Birth in Pictures.
8) Blogging about blogging (also I've been super guilty of this myself lately, so I WILL be better!) How To Be A Super Blogger.
9) Stop Touching My Kid, Touching.
10) Letting go of the fact that Evie's birth story wasn't what I wanted, Moving Past NICU & Mourning.
{lame-o for asking when I been gone, but we've fallen A LOT. Could you spare a vote?}
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