January 4, 2013

Present: My Word of 2013

New Year's resolutions have never really been my thing. So instead this year I've set some goals and chosen a word to represent the thing I want to work on the most this year.
1) Eat healthier. I'm not going to crucify myself if I eat a french fry every now and then or have some chips with lunch. But truthfully, this has been happening a lot more than it should. I've fallen into the trap of convenience food simply because it is convenient. I'm busy all.the.time. It's been easier to have the husband grab CFA on the way home or throw some kraft mac n cheese in a pot than it has been to menu plan and use my crock pot. I've got to remember why the effort is worth it. So what if I am busy, so are a lot of other people. No longer an excuse.
2) Be more active. The problem with blogging is that it requires a lot of time spent sitting at a computer. Whether you are networking, chatting with friends on Twitter, writing or editing pictures it takes time. In my mind it is time well spent because I love it here and I love the friends and support network I've cultivated. But, I'm going to start carving out more time to make sure I get out and get my heart rate up. I'm going to start using my fit bit again and taking the stairs more often. I work five flights up. Hi. Free exercise. If I lost some weight from 1 & 2 then that is awesome, but I am not going to use a number on a scale as a whipping post.
3) Have better posture. 
4) Learn manual mode on my camera. 
5) Get pregnant again or not get pregnant, but either way let it be on the terms of three people: me, my husband and God.  
6) Finally my word for the year: PRESENT.
I want to be present 100% this year. I want to spend less time in front of the TV and more time playing outside. I want to spend less time with my face buried in my phone and more time buried in my family. I've put a new personal rule in place: from the time I get home til after Evie's bedtime the iPhone goes on the charger. I might check to see if my parents have called or sneak it into bath time for some photo ops, but other than that it's up. After all, instagram has enough dinner pictures already. 
I want to soak up every minute of being head over heels still get butterflies when we kiss in love with my husband, and absorb every second of my so beautiful and bright I can barely stand it daughter's rapidly (oh so fast) childhood. I want to spend even more time with my parents, my brother and Christopher's parents. I want to really enjoy enjoying my family. The truth is that they are the most important people in my life. I want to be able to say I was present, really and truly engaged every precious second we have together.
In 2013, I will be present.
Wherever you are, be all there.
~Jim Elliot~
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