January 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Winter Storm Helen

The past two days we've been "battling" winter storm Helen as she has dropped tons of freezing rain on us Southerners.  I say battling because well, there's a bunch of ice on stationary objects like trees, but barely any on the road. Regardless, when there's a threat of snow or ice we Southerners are required to head to the nearest Kroger or WalMart and stock up on eggs, milk, bread and water. Seriously, those aisles in the grocery stores are full of tumbleweeds come sunset. Luckily, I did shopping for the week on Saturday so aside from some K cups and disposable dipes (in case the power went out) I didn't have to brave the madhouse! We are also required to forget how to drive and thus, cause more wrecks than the ice itself. It's not perfect, but hey, it's home!
Aside from the required grocery shopping and bad driving we also get dismissed from work and school early which results in extra family time spent in PJs snuggling on the couch! This is why I LOVE winter weather it always means more family time!
Winter Storm Helen in Pictures
 {Early daycare pick up & snack at home!}

{Boo! In my jammies!}

{A little (almost) nakey time!}

{Early daycare pickups and napping toddlers mean couch and coffe time for this momma!}

{We both just woke up from nap. Evie and her dog Maggie.}

{Shut up, yes our Christmas lights are still up. The weather has been too bad to get them down!}

{Ice covered berries}

Anyone else out there getting winter weather?
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