February 19, 2013

Baby Number Two

It seems like the number of demands that we give Evie a sibling are somehow directly related to Evie's age.
The older she gets the more we get asked when she's getting a brother or a sister.
The truth is we know we aren't done; we know we want at least one more kid (we've always said two with an option for three). We even have a boys name set in stone, unless we end up with boy twins in which case we've got those picked too. We've been throwing around several girl names too.
We want a sibling for Evie. We want a sister for her to play dress up with, or a brother to play in the mud with.
The problem people seem to be having is that we just want it on our own time.
We want at least one more Summer just the three of us, one more Christmas just the three of us and more birthday party for Evie.
I'm not ready to give up being Evie's mom just yet. I know I will always be her mom no matter what but right now that is one of my identities as well. As soon as we become pregnant again, I will always and forever be Evie & _____'s mom.
So while the baby fever was running rampant a few months ago, and we really want Evie to understand the bond of having siblings I am content (and so is Chris) to just enjoy this time we've got right now with our one magical daughter.
When the time comes we will ask God to bless us with another child, and hopefully He will be as generous as He was with the blessing of Evie.
What about you? If you have kids do you want more? If you don't what would your ideal number be?