February 26, 2013

Brain Dump Word Vomit

A little treat to the sarcastic depths of my brain because I'm in a mood, and I haven't done one of these in awhile. Enjoy my friends.
1) Who the heck came up with the concept of Tablescapes? I hate tablescapes. I mean really and truly. Sandra Lee is my mortal enemy. I mean look I'm doing good that I get dinner on the table four or five nights a week, my family does not need to eat their fish sandwiches and sweet potato fries amidst a tablescape. Also who the hell has room to store all that crap in their house? Or for that matter enough money to buy all the crap for all these tablescapes. 
2) Sometimes being a girl is a major drag. I mean seriously. Once a month I bloat up like a damn water balloon and NOTHING fits comfortably. Then three days later I spend the entire day running to the bathroom to pee all that water out. Lovely.
3) Being a grown up. What is this nonsense? Chris and I are planning on putting our house on the market in mid-April so that we can buy our forever home. The logistics of this are a nightmare. I think we've come to the conclusion that we will just have to sell our house and then rent an apartment for awhile until we find what we want, where we want. I just don't like the whole not knowing where we will be part of it. Bleh.
4) This cold that will NOT go away is no good. I swear we cycle it around in our family. I can't remember the last time all eight of us were healthy. This stuff has got to go. ADIOS!
5) What is up with Taylor Swift? Because homegirl really cannot sing. Every time I've heard her live I feel as though ripping my eardrums out would be preferable to listening to one more off key note. On the other hand why are her songs so damn catchy??? I don't want to like them but I'm powerless! I knew you were trouble when you walked in! Oh! Oh! Trouble! Trouble! Damn I enjoy the heck out of that song! It's like ear crack.
1) Thanks to one of my lovely blogging besties, Andie I have learned the magic that is roasting your broccoli, and I am now addicted. Seriously. If this is not something you already do, go do it now. Mmmm. So good.
2) Hubby and I have worked out a work out schedule and we are joining a gym this weekend! Wahoo! I really miss being the girl that was always in the gym. She was H.O.T.T. HOT! This momma bod has got to go!
3) Yesterday on my way home the radio totally rocked my face off. Seriously, I loved every song they played. It was amazing because normally I spend the drive home cursing the radio gods and the crap that they are playing!
4) Last week I was pretty sure two might break me. This week two is awesome.
5) Family dinner this past weekend was amazing. We went to the Zoo in the morning and Evie was totally into it, we had a great day and yummy dinner. Then Sunday our whole family came to dinner at our house and to watch the Grizzlies game. Dinner was yummy (if I do say so my self), the game was phenomenal and Evie was so cute and so happy to have all of her favorite people around her. It left me wondering where the weekend went, but it was so worth it!
So there you have it my friends. I hope you enjoyed yet another trip to the bottom of the murky depths of my brain.
What about you? Anything you'd like to get off your chest? Anything you'd like to share?