February 22, 2013

Hello Out There

So lately I have noticed some new friendly faces over on the left sidebar, Facebook & Twitter.
My little slice of the interwebz gets somewhere around 1500 views per day and there are some of you who comment all the time. I've gotten to know you, to know your stories and have even built some truly amazing friendships! But out of 1500 of you only 20 or leave a comment (not that I expect any of you to leave a comment unless you want to)? If you are a new follower, an old follower or a silent follower I would really like it if you said hey!
And today is the day -- step out from behind the curtain and introduce yourself! Where are you from? Do you have kids? What led you to It's a Vol?
Pipe up there! I want to get to know you (yes YOU to the one going me?)! I want to be friends! I promise I'm super nice and I don't bite!
So please, really, say hi because I would love to know more of you!
To get this started I am going to do something that I've wanted to do but I've never really been brave enough for a questions post!
What do YOU want to know ABOUT ME?
Leave me your questions in the comments and I'll do a post sometime next week!
And seriously you have to leave questions because if you don't I'll feel like a total lame blog loser.