February 18, 2013

I'm An Effing Mommy Blogger

I'm a mommy blogger y'all. I mean no big surprise there for the majority of you. I write about my kid, things we do together and maybe some other mish mash in there.

And you know what? I am proud of it. Mommy bloggers get a bad rap for lots of reasons (some of which are true -- mommy wars anyone?), but you know what? I own it. I'm an effing Mommy Blogger.

You will never see my Stepping Out Saturday post here because it would likely consist of ummm skinny jeans, a random top with either riding boots, TOMS or Tory Burch flats and no accesories whatsoever (because that would take creativity and thought).

 These nails will never appear on my hands.

In fact right now my nails look like this.

Yeesh. I really do need to take that polish off.

I am NOT crafty at all.
Some moms create handmade Valentine awesomeness like this:

{Photo By: Baby Rabies Tutorial: HERE}

I created this (bought at the last second from Kroger in the all that was left aisle) for Evie's Valentines:

I thought was pretty respectable and perfect for my (almost but not quite yet) two year old's first class Valentine's Day party, and with the pink and red hearts it was very clearly en pointe for the theme.

DIYing? Not my forte (luckily though I have a mother-in-law who is the DIY queen).

This DIY'd Christmas flower arrangement has Angels singing the Hallelujah Chorus!

{Source: Homesessive}

Mine on the other hand does not elicit happy sighs or angelic choruses.

And my tutorial would go something like this:

So ummm, first you want to make your husband buy you a thirteen foot tall Christmas tree. After you get it in the house cut off the top that looks all weird like troll hair.

Nesx, listen when you mother-in-law points out that you could put that in a vase and make a nice smelly good arrangement out of it.

Go to Wal-Mart and buy red berries on sticks with clear shiny stuff on them, also locate sparkly gold twirly ma-bobs.

Stick it all in a vase! Voila! Your very own super frugal DIY'd Christmas arrangement!

And that my friends is why I'm an effing Mommy Blogger, to spare you from my lack of fashion sense, chipped nails, lack of craftiness and dearth of DIY knowledge.

Trust me. Just enjoy the pictures of my cute kid. You're welcome.