February 21, 2013

Two Might Break Me

I'm pretty sure that all traces of baby in Evie are gone. She's 100% toddler now and not afraid to let me know it.

My baby is officially a willful, independent, sassy and very opinionated toddler.

My sweet angel that used to give out hugs upon request has now decided hugs are lame, and all requests for hugs should be met with a long drawn out "nooooooo", and an impish little smile before she runs away.

Long gone are the days where she would be content playing in the tupperware cabinet while I cook dinner. No, now she's into every damn thing she can find, pulling cats tails and giggling, inspecting dog's butts with fascination, hiding TV remotes, contact cases and any other thing she can get her hands on.

We are in the full-on pouty lipped, temper tantrum throwing, gimmie gimmie, big giant crocodile tears crying, kicking, slapping, running wild, say no to everything terrible twos. Super.

She's not even two yet and I'm afraid this might be the year that breaks me.

Such a crappy picture I'm not sure why I bothered to watermark it (except there are some serious nut jobs running around the interwebz right now), but you can see clearly I've got a little diva on my hands. Notice the high heels and that little finger she's waving around as she says no no.
God help me.