February 27, 2013

Worldess Wednesday: A New Zoo!

We didn't actually go to a new Zoo, we are still members of our beloved Memphis Zoo. However, when we recently found ourselves with a fairly warm weekend day to go we jumped on it. We hadn't been during the day since late October or early November. Evie has always loved the zoo but since our last visit she has learned a ton of new animals and animal sounds, so we just knew this trip would be fun.

And sure enough it was fantastic! Evie was pointing out all the animals and making noises. We can't wait to go back when it is a bit warmer!
{We always see the cats first!}

{Checking out the lions!}

{Is it just me or is anyone else afraid this gorilla is about to steal your soul?}

{Taking a break to warm up by the fire while Daddy had a work call!}

{I just thought these guys were cute!}

{We visited the giraffe's of course! Our favorite giraffe Marilyn recently had a baby girl and we were hoping to see them. They weren't out but hopefully next time they will be!}

{Then it was a visit to The Cat House Cafe for some hawt cawfee for Momma & rainbow sherbert for Evie and Daddy!}


We had a great visit to the zoo and can't wait to go back for the member's preview of Sting Ray Bay!!! 
PS: To my family members who read this blog: I know I've gotten more aggressive with the watermarking, especially with Evie. I know that many of you come here to see her pictures and also that you copy them. I realize that you probably don't want to print a picture with a giant watermark. However, as this blog and space grows I feel as though to protect my daughter I have to be more aggressive with my watermarks. Recently a friend of mine found that her entire life had been copied and posted elsewhere. Pictures of her daughters, her husband and herself were posted under a false identity on facebook. It was very very traumatizing for her. I've always watermarked my photos for this purpose, but they were usually unobtrusive and easily cropped out. I'm sorry I can't do that anymore. Having said that if you are a grandma, aunt, uncle, cousin etc who wants copies of these pictures sans watermarks just email me. I'll be happy to get you copies!