March 5, 2013


Thank you to all of you who left questions, comments or came out of hiding to say Hi! I meant to do this last week, but well, you know I have a toddler and things get crazy. So a bit late, but as promised here are your answers!
Q. Steph from The Kat Almanac asked "What would you do if Evie became a Gator?" (For those of you non SEC folks out there that's a Florida Gator. The Tennessee Vol & Florida Gator rivalry is one that runs deep).
A. First, I'd try and resuscitate her father and uncle. Then I'd howl at the moon, tell her no, drag her to Knoxville and dress her in orange. If that failed we'd eat Gator meat for dinner every time she came home.
Q. Hannah from Supermom... Or Not! asked "When did you start blogging and why?"
A. I started blogging in the Fall of 2010, and it was primarily so that out of town relatives could share the journey of our pregnancy. After we had Evie my aunt (who died shortly thereafter) told me to keep blogging, that I could be a writer and that I had a story to tell, so I really picked it back up again when Evie was about three months old.
Q. Kelly from (Another) Baby W Is On The Way asked "Are you a SAHM? If so what did you do before Evie was born?"
A: No I work full time outside of the home. I work for the same company that I worked for before I was pregnant, just in a different role. The company I work for handles a lot of private information so for a little CYA I don't give the name out.
Q. Sarah from Nurse Loves Farmer asked, "What is the most redneck thing you've ever done?"
A. Well I'm not sure about redneck, but I'm pretty Southern. I've been creek stomping more times than I can count. I LOVE fried food (try not to eat it that much thought) and sweet tea. I've caught lightening bugs in a jar. I wave to people I don't know when I'm driving. I say yes sir and yes ma'am. I've been to more field parties than I can count. Just to name a few!
Q. Whitney from The Married Me asked "How many blogs do you follow yourself? Can you name your top 5?"
A. I am not sure how many blogs I follow, so let's just say: A LOT. Five of my favorites: Sweet. Southern. Spirited., The View From 510, Growing Up Geeky, Mommy in the Midwest and When in Doubt, Add More Salt. I have lots more that I read daily, but those are some of my favorite blogs and bloggers.
Q. Roxanne from The Good Life asked "Where is your happy place?"
A. I have lots of happy places. I love Pickwick Lake; it always recharges my soul. Also I love the place where you go inside your head during a good run, and I love to drive with the windows down.
Q. Ashley from NOLA Moms Blog asked, "When are you coming to Mardi Gras?"
A. Hopefully soon my friend! Now that I know that it's not all boobs, beads and beer!
Thanks for all of your questions and for reading y'all. Stay tuned for tomorrow I've got the story of the most epic AMAZING day ever for Wordless Wednesday!