March 12, 2013

Mommy Vent

So let's talk pet peeves shall we? That's always fun.

What is up with not helping each other anymore? See a mom who is bobbling a tray at Chic-fil-a at lunch time whilst attempting to manage a toddler or two? Offer to carry her tray for her (not her kids -- that's creepy). See a lady with a stroller? Hold the door open. It takes a village people, and it's about damn time we stepped up.

Unnecessary baby crap. Now I get it what I deem necessary you might call frivolous. We all have different kids, and if the only way your child can make it through a diaper change without losing his or her mind is with warm wipes, then buy the warmer. I'm talking about stupid crap like designer baby food makers (complete with all matching accessories) and baby spa tubs (I'm looking at you here babies r' us). YOUR CHILD DOES NOT NEED DESIGNER BABY FOOD OR A SPA TUB. Just say no! Your kid will do just fine with baby food made in a $40 Hamilton Beech food processor and frozen in (BPA free, of course) ice cube trays. You don't need a special knife, cutting board, three (for the love of God) different sized spatulas, special washing tools or a steamer. Also, if I don't get a spa bath every day, neither does little precious. The sink, a cheap plastic tub, or sponge will serve just fine for getting your baby clean. Say it with me, "I will not buy stupid crap for no reason!"

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This is more pregnancy related, but really enough with the home remedies for morning sickness ok? If I tell you I have hyperemesis this means I have intractable vomiting, not a little nausea here and there. No food sounds good to me. In fact don't mention food to me, and do not come back at me with ginger candy, lemon drops or eating crackers before getting out of bed. If the zofran isn't working your nausea pops won't. Don't bring them up unless you want me to snap your head off in a hormonal rage and then possibly puke on you.

So there you have it three of my biggest mommy related pet peeves, and apparently I'm feeling sarcastic today.

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