March 15, 2013

Rage Against the Muffin Top: Revolt Fitness Weeks 1&2

So this week's update will kind of be a little wonky because technically it covers two weeks.
Chris and I started on the Revolt Now Fitness plan on Monday March 4. Before we started we set goals for ourselves. I want to lose 33 lbs and Chris wants to lose 50 lbs. My goal weight is 125 lbs and Chris' is 185 lbs. We also want to tone our muscles and be healthier, oh and for all of our pre-marriage clothes to fit.
The first week was hard. First off I made the wrong meal plan, so instead of eating the sugar detox diet we ate the fat blast diet. Whoops. We both saw losses on the scale and felt better after starting back to working out. When our "cheat day" rolled around, we were both very hesitant. I thought I would be screaming, ice cream, bread, pizza, chips and CARBS. Instead we were both very conservative in our choices. We went to IHOP for breakfast and I had eggs benedict with fruit in place of hash browns, and skipped the english muffin; Chris had a simple and fit meal with egg whites, turkey bacon and pancakes. We had our real cheat meal that night, and it was delicious! Sorry, but I had pizza and a cheese burger.
This week has been a little wonky on the diet. I was not feeling well on Saturday and after I went to my hair appointment I could not handle the grocery. Sunday I was even sicker and in a level of pain I can only compare to recovery from a c-section or having your wisdom teeth removed. It was bad. This created two problems. One, when I am sick like that (I could barely swallow) all I want is Chinese food, so we got Chinese food on Sunday. Twice. Two, I hadn't been grocery shopping for this week's food. Rather than stress about the meal plan we decided to wing it this week and have been eating a high protein, high fiber, low carb, low fat diet. There is also a list of forbidden foods, and we have made sure to keep away from those as well.
We've been doing the workouts and sticking some sort of cardio on either end.
Let me tell you people we are seeing results. Major results. It's more than a number on a scale, I can already see my hips getting smaller, my waist coming back and my face getting slimmer. It's amazing. And even though I still have awhile to go -- it gives me motivation to keep at it.
How exciting! Nearly 10 lbs gone in two weeks! I don't expect the weight to fall off this quickly every week. In fact I'd like it to slow down to somewhere around 2-3lbs per week. I feel like that is a healthy rate. However, it is nice to see the numbers fall!
I'll check in with y'all next week for my update!
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*Thanks to Revolt Now Fitness for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own and honest. I think the numbers speak for themselves.*