March 25, 2013

Rage Against the Muffin Top: Revolt Fitness Week 3

This week I learned the difference between FOOD and FUEL.

Basically my week went like this:

Monday: Stuck to plan

Tuesday: Stuck to plan

Wednesday: Stuck to... kid got sick & I took a left turn over to Pizza-ville.

Thursday: Meh. So So. I didn't eat bad during the day, but at night we had friends over. It's a long story but they are friends we see once maybe twice a year, and they were in town for one of their mother's funerals. (Confused yet?) I made all sorts of snacks and well, I ate some of them. Not a huge amount but some.

Friday: BAD BAD BAD. It was Evie's birthday. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and Five Guys for lunch. Salad for dinner though.

Saturday: More bad. I did well at the celebration of life. I didn't eat the cookie I wanted, picked the meat out of the wraps they had and ate lots of veggies off of the platter. That night though we went to a local pub and I definitely had a few hot wings and half a soft pretzel stick.

And basically my workouts sucked eggs. Seriously. I felt hot, nauseous, unfocused and I could not control my heart rate.

Sunday we were back to our clean eating and we felt so much better. I had a great workout and did two miles on both ends. I walked out feeling righteous!

I learned a very important lesson this week:

Cheetos are delicious in all of their magical processed cheese like powdered goodness. They are food, but they are not fuel to power your body through a good workout. The same goes for pizza, french fries, burritos, ice cream, bagels, white rice and coke. There is a reason those are called JUNK food. They are junk, and you can not fuel your body with junk then expect to not feel like junk.

I'm not saying that I won't ever eat those "junk" foods ever again. I likely will, but I now know they come with a price.

Despite the not so great eating and a few crappy workouts at my weigh-in the scale looked like this:

So I gained 0.2 lbs? I'm ok with it. I'm not ok with gaining 0.2lbs every week due to poor eating habits. That's how I ended up with a starting weight of 158lbs!

Yes, I had a half week of eating junk. Yes I had a few really awful workouts. Yes, I probably drank more diet coke than water.

I'm ok with it. I'm not going to self flagellate myself over it. This is real life; it happens. You cannot make a lifestyle change and expect to exist in a vacuum, because in reality we don't. Birthdays, bad days and parties all happen -- you just have to be aware that while you might be eating like this once in a while you can't eat like this all the time. You need to make sure that the food you are putting in your body is also fuel.


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