April 4, 2013

Rage Against the Muffin Top: Week 4 with Revolt Fitness

Last week I confessed my dietary transgressions to you all.

Week four with Revolt Fitness was much better (we are currently in week five), although we did have kind of a crappy weekend because of Evie's birthday party, but it was worth it. It's hard though to not slip up when you are taking 3 lbs of butter and 2.5 bags of powdered sugar and turning it into buttercream. In fact, it's impossible not to slip up because you have to taste it to see if it's right. Same goes for the strawberry cake filling. It is what is.

Despite a somewhat iffy weekend, I've begun to notice changes in my body. My pants that I could barely button? Those are now loose. My size 8 jeans that I could not button in January? I can now take them on and off without unbuttoning them. My muscles are growing strong, and things that used to make me out of breath no longer do.

Along with the changes I was quite happy when I stepped on the scale and saw this:

Wahoo! Another 2 lbs lost!

Starting Weight: 158.1lbs
Weeks 1&2: 149.0 lbs -9.1
Week 3: 149.2 lbs  +0.2
Week 4: 147.2 lbs -2.0

Total Lost: 10.9 lbs!

Weight left to go: 22.2 lbs

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Thanks to Revolt Fitness for sponsoring this post. My opinions are honest and my own. I think the results speak for themselves.