April 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Girl's Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

I knew when I planned Evie's birthday party to be outdoors at the city park I was taking a risk. March down South is a fickle fickle creature. You are looking at anything from snow, freezing rain, warm sunshine, tornadoes, thunderstorms to cold spring rains. So I played the weather roulette game and I lost, miserably.
It rained all. day. long. on the day of Evie's birthday party. It was windy and freezing cold. Since my house was a disaster I am really stubborn I am perserverent I decided to go ahead and move forward with the park idea. So what if it was raining? We rented a pavillion, we would be dry and just fine thankyouverymuch.
Haha. Oh, hahahahahaha.
No. Just no. It was complete and total misery.

Long story short, all of the signs I made for the food were droopy and ugly from the humidity. The kids (the ones who bothered to show up)* were freezing (so were the adults). I am amazed that somehow my father-in-law and husband manged to get the (non-sheltered) grill to work. This was clearly not their first rodeo. The chips? We went through two bags, and not because we ate them. The first bag got stale before the dogs were already done so I had to open a second. The table cloths had to be taped down because they kept blowing away. Even the helium balloons were lying on the ground when they got too bogged down with water from the rain.The shirt that I panicked over and Embellished Bayou rushed in and saved the day with was never seen because it was under Evie's fleece jacket. The cute tutu that The Hairbow Company sent for Evie to wear to her party was barely even visible as well. 

All my hard work - for patootie. Anyway, here are the details:

The invitations were made by my awesome friend Christine. She doesn't have an etsy shop, yet. More on that later, I hope!

The cake was inspired by this Betty Crocker tutorial and took 3 lbs of butter, 2 bags of confectioners sugar and countless amounts of food coloring to frost. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. I did make mine from two double layer round cakes instead of a single layer. We didn't even bother with blowing out a candle because well, we couldn't even get the darn thing lit. So we gave up because basically everyone just wanted to eat cake, open presents and leave. I can't say that I blame them.

All of the food was labled with a dinosaur theme! I wanted to print these labels but our printer was on the fritz! We had things like Brontosaurus Bites, T-Rex Treats, Stegosaurus Snacks, Echinodon Eats and Raptor Refreshments! The goodie bags were labeled Gadolosaurus Goodies (I really really like alliteration).

For activities I had crayons and dinosaur coloring sheets, which of course were damp, and I did a fossil "dig" basically I got a large shallow tub, filled it with small animal bedding and buried plastic dinosaurs in it and provided plastic shovels and rakes.

Basically all of it would have been way cooler if it wasn't freezing cold and raining. I am very seriously considering ordering a cake and doing a "redo" sometime in May, not a party just a fun cookout for our family and close friends.

So yeah. To close here are some pictures of Evie. And yes we did do a redo photo shoot of Evie in her tutu, shirt, and bow. I'll post those next week!

*What is up with people's lack of ability to RSVP for something? For the love of God, it's not hard. I provided you with my email address. So freaking rude. If you are invited to a party and an RSVP is requested take the thirty seconds out of your day and either call or email. Geeze.