May 21, 2013

Earth Day at the Zoo!

If you've been reading this little blog of mine for any amount of time you know how much we love The Memphis Zoo! This is our second year as members so you'd think we've seen it all, but the great thing about our zoo is that there is always something different going on. Back in April we went with Nana and Papa (my momma and daddy) and had a great day celebrating Earth Day and the 20th anniversary of Cat Country

{KING of the Jungle!}

{We were joking that the conversation between the lioness and lion went something like this: 
Lion: Hey get me my beer!
Lioness: Oh sure leave me here trying to figure out how to open this keg while you sit there and lick your balls. 
On second thought maybe you had to be there!}

{snoozy cheetahs}


{I cannot remember what this cat is called, but he is gorgeous! The reason it's blurry is because Cat Country is all open air and I'm focusing past some pretty heavy cable wires! Still a beautiful animal though!}

{A lot of the animals were sleepy!}

{Checking out the gorillas in Primate Pavilion!}

{Ok true story. A gorilla tried to attack my husband that day. I think this is a male silver back gorilla, and you are never supposed to look them in the eye. Well, Chris did. Mr. Gorilla got a little pissed, pulled up a huge hunk of grass, weeds and roots and hurled them across the moat at Chris. It was hilarious. Then Mr. Gorilla gave Chris a look like, "Come at me bro. Come. At. Me."}

{I love the look on this Orangutan's face! They are always so chill!!}

 {Our favorite giraffe Marilyn & her new baby Maliki! This was the first time I got to see Maliki!}

{Pretty Flowers on the Teton Trek!}

 {There was a Grizz game that night and Chris insisted that Evie go in her jersey. It was cold in the am so we put a long sleeved shirt on underneath it. Then it got hot so we took it off. So yes, my daughter is wearing a jersey with nothing underneath & drinking a cherry icee (always a treat at the zoo). Redneck Baby Look: COMPLETE!} 

{African Elephants}

{Gorgeous hydrangea in the China exhibit}

{Komodo Dragon trying to eat my face. Evie thought they were dinosaurs and kept roaring at them!}

{Grizz Pride Baby! Believe Memphis!}

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