May 3, 2013

Go Grizz!!!

I know you all know that we are huge University of Tennessee VOLS fans, but did you know that we are also huge Memphis Grizzlies fans also? If you follow me on instagram then you might already know. 

Anyway tonight is game six of the first round of the NBA playoffs! If we beat the LA Clippers then we will advance to the second round of the playoffs! I am kind of nervous because I think the last time I was this excited for a sporting event it was last year's debacle of a football game when we played the Florida Gators (God I hate even typing that. Ick.) and well we all know how that one turned out. So yeah we are stocking up on rum and coke and vodka cranberry for tonight's game. 

Now for the whole point of this post the world's cutest Grizzlies fan! She is always so excited to wear her ZBo jersey!