May 10, 2013

Mom Brain

Because y'all, mom brain is a real thing, caused by juggling 873,654 things in our brains all at the same time.

Coffee sounds nice, wait, when are school picture dates again?, creative play ideas moon sand, play kitchen, sensory bins, mystery matter, toy dinosaurs and trains, I wonder if I can demonstrate the three states of being, science is so important, what were the three states of being again?, Solids, liquids and gas, OH! must remember: car needs gas, I wonder how many cents off we have on the kroger card, hmmm time to check the grocery and pantry status (must NOT run out of avocados), PINTEREST, I really need a hair cut, does Evie need more bows?, I want some coffee, those dishes really need to be washed, are we out of olive oil again?, ugh must get oil changed in car, I wonder if Chris can pick Evie up from school so I can go to the gym, wait. when is the next swimming lesson?, REMINDER TO SELF: buy new bathing suits before going to Destin, oh crap also order samples of soft rock, call the kennel and reserve spots for the dogs, is it raining again?, what should we have for dinner tonight?, Ok now I need coffee!, why the heck is the Xbox remote in the kitchen? why did I come in here again? was I hungry? ::opens refrigerator::, nope not hungry but what is the cereal doing in here?, am I going insane?, did Evie's teacher tell me today that she needed wipes or was that last week?, have I already done that?, guess I'll send some just in case, the laundry needs washing and folding, dog! why are you ALWAYS in my way, the dogs need a bath, wait, is bath night tonight or tomorrow? let's see we gave her a bath on Sunday so that means Tuesday and yep tonight is bath night, I'd really like to take a bath, it would be so relaxing and I'm so so ::yawn:: dang tired today, oh! now I remember why I went in the kitchen! coffee!

That? That's about a minute of my day, and it's like that I bet yours is much the same, and that's only the inner monologue never mind that I might have been dressing myself or Evie, feeding the dogs/cats, planning a meal, cooking a meal or cleaning all at the same time.

No wonder I put the cereal in the fridge, forgot to make the coffee and fed the cat dog food.

{What about you? Do you suffer from mom brain too?}

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