May 7, 2013

Rage Against the Muffin Top: Week Seven with Revolt Fitness

Week Seven with Revolt Now Fitness was really kind of an off week for me. I felt bloated, icky and really frustrated when I stepped on the scale and kept seeing the numbers creep up (that's right, UP!). My pants felt tighter; I was really tired and had a nagging headache.

I was really unhappy when I got on the scale for weigh day (I weigh throughout the week, but have a "weigh day" I count as the official day) and I saw 146.9. Yes, 146.9. Definitely NOT a loss. A gain.

At first I freaked out and was like ERMGERD!!! Then I remembered the bloating, headaches and fatigue. Three little letters folks: PMS.

Duh. I always gain about three pounds of water weight when I am PMSing. I drop it the next week so I decided not to stress, and even indulged Aunt Flo's desire for Subway. Sorry, not sorry. I'm making a lifestyle change here and for me, that lifestyle will include some not so good for you foods occasionally. I am just glad Nichole has shown me how clean eating can really improve your overall well being. It's amazing how eating nutrient dense foods improves the way you feel, and I have found that nine times out of ten that's what I want to eat. I don't want the white bread sandwich or burger and fries. I'd actually rather have that salad and steak.

So, the run down:

Starting Weight: 158.1lbs
Weeks 1&2: 149.0 lbs -9.1
Week 3: 149.2 lbs  +0.2
Week 4: 147.2 lbs -2.0
Week 5: 145.8 - 1.4
Week 6: 145.3 -0.5
Week 7: 146.9 +1.6

Total Lost: 11.2 lbs!

Weight left to go: 21.9 lbs