May 17, 2013

This Weekend!

This weekend Chris and I are heading up I-40 to Little Rock, AR for the Jason Aldean concert! We decided to make kind of a weekend out of it and are driving up tonight and spending tomorrow poking around Little Rock. 

I am so freakin' excited, y'all. I need this. We need this: a weekend to just be us again, not harried, hurried and oftentimes frustrated mom and dad. So we dropped the dogs off at the kennel today and tonight we'll drop Evie off with the grandparents. 

I can't wait! Just think, two whole days of eating my meals while they're still hot and not worrying about if the sippy cup is still full or cutting up someone else's food before even glancing at my own. I've been promised breakfast in bed from room service (yes!) after I sleep in until I'm ready to get up. I get to drink my coffee without a toddler demanding "Watch Thomas Train, Momma!", dogs barking or a cat crawling all over me. There's an IMAX movie theatre and we may just go crazy and see a matinee of Iron Man 3 and pig out on popcorn and candy! I can't remember the last time we went and saw a movie. It was probably in November? I want a steak dinner at a restaurant that doesn't have a kid's menu;  I'd like a martini (maybe two) to go with it. Then I want to go to an awesome concert to see one of our favorite artists! Hopefully at the end of it all we'll get to catch up with some close friends who we don't see nearly enough. 

So this weekend we're kissing the terrible twos good bye and heading out town to remember how life was when we were just two crazy kids in love! 

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