June 19, 2013

Destination Vacation Part Four

Friday dawned cloudy with double red flags flying still. Sigh. It was our last day in Destin so my mom and I were determined to go to the beach. We guilted gently persuaded the guys into coming with us. Just before we trekked our stuff down to the water the flags changed from double red to yellow! The menfolk were much more amenable to participating in beach time after the flags changed! We were so glad we decided to go down to the beach that day. It turned out to be the most beautiful day. It wasn't too hot or too breezy and the water was crystal clear. Evie napped for awhile which allowed Chris, William and me to play on the body boards a little bit. When the time came to pack up and head back to the house we were so sad.

{Beach Nappin'}

{Dune Grass}

{Loving the ocean!}

{Beautiful clear water! This was on a sand bar about 20 feet off the shore. So calm and shallow I walked my Nikon out there!}

{Water stompin' and boy this sun is bright!}

{Pretty pink piggies!}

That night we decided to head over to Harborwalk Village to eat one last yummy meal at The Crazy Lobster. On the walk in we noticed a kiddie train that ran the length of the street and after a delicious meal we bought tickets for Evie and Chris to take a ride. Our little choo choo loving girl had a blast. Chris said she was talking the whole time about how much she loved the train and how it was "Evie's choo choo!". Needless to say she did want to get off, but somehow we managed to pry her away with minimal meltdown issues. Next, we went to the candy/ice cream shop and then down to the dock for a family picture.

{Choo! Choo!}

{Family photo!}

On Saturday we said good-bye to Destin until next year. It's always so hard to leave Destin, but this year it was especially hard. I feel like Evie had so many firsts and really changed a lot that week. She was so much fun, and we had a blast with my family! Coming home was definitely bittersweet, and going back to work just plain sucked!
 {In flight treat!}

{When you just can't decide which paci to use!}
*A Note About Cloth Diapering: Yes, we did travel with our cloth again this year. I'm not going to dedicate a special post to it because we did almost exactly the same thing we did last year, except we did use disposable swim diapers mostly. As always I am happy to answer any cloth diaper questions you have related to travel or not!

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