June 12, 2013

Destination Vacation Part One

Like I said yesterday, it's been a bit quiet around these parts and largely that is due to our annual family vacation to Destin, FL (there was also Memorial Day and a stomach virus thrown in there). I really intended to blog on vacation. I had my iPad and figured I'd update as I went along. Then I got sick (again) the first day we were down there, and it just seemed like eating ice cream with Evie or watching Star Trek with my Mom, brother, and Chris or drinking coffee with my Dad was the thing to do. So, blogging took a back seat.

We expected to leave Saturday June 1st, but due to some severe weather popping up that day my Dad called me on Friday the 31st and asked if I could be ready to go that night. Wait. What? Nothing was packed. The cloth diapers were still waiting to be washed. I had at least two other loads of laundry I needed to do. I had recipes to organize and spices to pack. Still, when your pilot father* calls and says we need to be in the air tonight you scramble around and end up packing a trash bag full of dirty clothes! By 8:15 that night my Dad, my Mom, Evie and I were in the air! We landed around 10:15, got the plane squared away, checked into the hotel and conked out.

{Wheels Up!}

Chris and my brother, William, left on Friday night too (they drove my parent's Yukon down so we'd have a car that would hold all of us). They were planning on stopping in Birmingham, AL for the night but ended up going a different way, and unbeknownst to us, driving all night to arrive in Destin around 4:30 am. That morning I delayed calling Chris until about 9:00 because I figured he and William would be sleeping in. When he answered he told that all the hotels were full when they got in so instead of (logically) calling the four of us (who had a perfectly good hotel room) they drove to the public beach by my parents' old condo and slept in the car. Men. My Dad called and requested a late check out so they could sleep in the hotel for a little bit (check in at our house isn't until 4pm).

{The Nikon rode with the guys so Chris took some sunrise photos!}

While they slept the rest of us headed to Panera for breakfast (Donut Hole was a madhouse) and then to the Silver Sands outlet mall to shop. I delayed buying Evie very many Summer clothes before this because the deals you get at this outlet mall are unbelievable. After a stop at the Coach store where my Dad spoiled my mom and I with new purses we went to Gymboree, Baby Gap and The Children's Place. And, well, we'll just say that Evie is one very well outfitted little girl for the Summer. At this point it was very clear that Evie was getting really ready for a nap. Since we knew that the cleaning crew had already been in the house (thanks to a stop earlier that day) my Dad called and asked if we could get in early so Evie could get a good nap. He's a wonderful Papa to Evie and there's nothing he wouldn't do for that little girl! After the rental company called the cleaning crew to confirm that they'd been there we were free to go to the house! We called Chris and William to meet us there. Once we got Evie's crib moved up to her room (we rented a crib for the week which was the best.thing.ever.) and down for her nap Mom and I headed to the grocery. After the grocery we all went to Dewey Destin's for dinner!

{After dinner at Dewey Destin's!}

We basically spent Sunday at the beach then went to Louis Louis for dinner. During dinner I could not stop coughing (I was sick remember) so on the way home we stopped and got honey so I could make a hot toddy. Y'all hot toddies are disgusting. There's a reason that they call it medicine. Still, after a hot toddy, a dose of Mucinex DM Max and using the neti pot I finally stopped coughing so much. William, Chris, Evie and I then headed out for yogurt. Don't worry, I wasn't driving! After that it was bedtime for Evie, and after a hefty dose of Nyquil, for me too!

{She loved the beach again!}

{After dinner Louis Louis & yogurt. This little girl ADORES her Unca Illyam!}

Part Two tomorrow!

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*One of my Dad's hobbies is flying. He currently owns a Beechcraft Bonanza (not sure of the actual model). By far I have taken the majority of flights I have taken in my life have been in airplanes with six seats or less!

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