June 14, 2013

Destination Vacation Part Three

After zonking out Tuesday night we woke up Wednesday ready to hit the beach. 

Unfortunately, there were riptide warnings and the red flag was up. Chris, William and I were excited though because a red flag means excellent body boarding. They ran to the store to buy body boards and charged into the water. I went to change my suit because it was not "red flag friendly". When I got back to the beach it turned out that the Sheriff had flagged the boys down for being too far out. Shortly after the lifeguards raised the second red flag which means you can't go in the water at all. Womp womp
Evie could not understand why she couldn't go in "dat simmin pool"! She was obsessed with getting in her float and getting in the water. Since we knew that battle would never end we decided to abandon the beach and hit the swimming pool at our house! Evie's been taking swimming lessons for a few months now and we knew this would be a great time to practice. Evie also learned to jump off the side of the pool to her Daddy! She had such a blast that afternoon and after her nap she wanted to get right back out there. Since it was a private pool we skipped the suit after nap and let her swim and float in her swim diapers! 

{Jump to Daddy!}

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That night I was FINALLY feeling better and hungry! I requested crab claws at Pompano Joe's. After some grumbling that's where we went and ate. We sat outside and even though it rained on us a little it was a great meal! I LOVE their seafood gumbo! After dinner we took a trip back to the mall for a little bit more shopping and frozen yogurt! 

Thursday the double red flags were still up. Boo. We decided to make the best of it and headed to The Donut Hole for brunch. Brunch was great (as always) and then we headed back to the house for Evie's nap. With cloudy skies above and no desire to swim Chris and I set off for more shopping. Once we got back my mom wanted to go shopping for Evie again so more mall it was! Then we made a quick trip to Winn-Dixie before we went back to the house so I could make shrimp-n-grits for supper. It was our early celebration of Chris' Father's Day since he is going to be in Paris on Sunday. We all went to bed that night hoping for better weather for our last day at the beach! 

Part four tomorrow! 

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