June 13, 2013

Destination Vacation Part Two

After going to bed sick on Sunday night I woke up Monday feeling much better! After coffee and some Googling I found a nail salon near the house. Getting a pedicure before the beach? That was on my to-do list on Friday night too. After consulting with Chris I decided to make it extra special and take Evie to get her first "pedicure". She really just got a polish change on her toes, but she LOVED it! She selected pink polish with silver sparkles and was obsessed with her "pwetty toes" all day long! 

{First pedicure and pwetty toes!}

We spent the rest of the day at the beach and that night we celebrated a very special occasion: my parents' thirty fifth wedding anniversary! Hooray Mom and Dad! Chris and I made their anniversary dinner which was steak, lobster, spinach and salad. After dinner we celebrated with some pie. We all went to bed that night full and happy! 

On Tuesday we all woke up a little bit early. As we were pondering what to do that day someone mentioned Big Kahuna's Water Park. As a kid we went to this water park every year on vacation. I figured last year at only sixteen months Evie was still a little young to really enjoy it. This year I knew we had to take her. The kid LOVES slides, and we all knew she would have a blast. After calling and reserving a cabana* near the kiddie area, we all got ready super quickly and headed out. 

After a bit of a rough start when Evie slipped off the ramp into the water (and Chris and my Dad diving after her) we had a fantastic day! We got settled in around 10:40 and played in the kiddie pool until lunch at noon. During Evie's nap my mom rode the lazy river a few times, then she came back to the cabana and watched Evie so Chris, William and I could go play. We rode a few slides (I chickened out at the top of one) then went back to play with Evie. While the three of us were running around we found another kids play area with  a really awesome kiddie slide. After the first slide down Evie wasn't so sure, but after her second trip she was hollering "GO GIN!!!" (go again) as soon as she got to the bottom. She probably rode that slide fifty times! She had a total ball, and we didn't leave until thirty minutes before closing. 

That night we were all so tired it was all we could do to order pizza, eat and crash! 

Part three tomorrow! 

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*If you are in Destin and go the Big Kahuna's I highly recommend spending the extra money on a cabana (my dad paid for it but if he hadn't Chris and I would have)! You have your own private shaded area with a table, chairs and lounges. You also get a server who is dedicated to you for the day. Once you check in your server takes you to your cabana, shows you your private locker, takes your lunch order and asks when you want it delivered. There is also a little reg flag you can stick up any time you want something like, food, water, coke or sunscreen. Our server was named Yordan, and he was great! 

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