June 24, 2013

Shouts Out to the Boy Moms

The second a woman even thinks about getting pregnant she starts labeling herself. I will be a instinctual mom. I will be a breastfeeding mom. I will be a ferber mom. I will be a baby wearing, bottle feeding, cloth diaper using, vaccinating mom. I will be that kind of mom.

For all the labels we put on ourselves there's one that is entirely out of our control, one that no matter the timing, position or full moon we have a 50/50 shot at: the great unknown, the big kahuna:

From the second we find out via ultrasound or birth it's a label we embrace fully! I am having a son! I'm having a daughter! Then we start extolling all the reason we are really really glad we are having sons or daughters.
Well, I only have to worry about one penis. Girl moms have to worry about all the penises in the world!
Boys are so messy; I'm really glad I don't have to deal with all that! Boy moms have to deal with slugs and mud and dirt, ick! I'll take my charming polite little girl, thank you!
Girls are so drama! I could not deal with that! I feel sorry for all those girl moms come the teenage years!
OMG! All the cute clothes! Tutus! Bows! Squee! I feel sorry for boy moms and their lack of cute clothes!
People actually get pissy about this and write bitchy blog posts. We get defensive over our children, because let's face it, we're moms and moms are probably the most defensive group of people out there. We talk about shotguns and prom dates and hussies that steal boys hearts.
I am a girl mom, and I love it. Love it. Bring on the drama, because I wouldn't change this for the world. My boy mom friends, though? Neither would they and I absolutely adore them and their boys. I respect them not because I believe their job is any harder than mine, but because it is imperative that we are all in this together. These women are raising the boys who will be Evie's protectors, best friends, playmates, confidants and boyfriends.
So, shouts out to my boy mom friends. The ones who heard "It's a Boy!" and dove head first into the world of baseballs, lizards and dirty, roughed up, skinned knees. The ones who are conquering the great unknown. After all, they are girls raising boys. The ones who are raising up a respectful generation of men. The ones who deal with mud and dirt and bugs. The ones who are teaching their little men to say please and thank you. The ones raising boys with big hearts and gentle hands. The ones who are teaching their guys manners and that chivalry is not dead. The ones who got tasked with the seriously difficult job of teaching their boys the difference between acting like a man and acting like a caveman. The ones who don't buy into the "boys will be boys" notion. The ones who are teaching their sons that a woman is a gift to be treasured, not something to be trashed and then thrown aside. The ones who are raising men I'd be proud to call my son-in-law. The kind of men who won't be flawless, but who will be upstanding, hardworking, just plain good men.
You're doing a good job, and your sons are lucky to have you. I hope sincerely that I am up to the task of raising the kind of woman that you would be proud to have as a daughter-in-law.
Some of my fave boy moms!

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