July 10, 2013

GiGi Comes to Visit!

Over the past few weeks we had the pleasure of having my Grandma, Evie's GiGi come to visit. The past few Summers this has become the tradition and I love having her here. Evie was so excited to see her and the first time we went to my parent's house to visit GiGi it was all Evie talked about the whole ride. I really love and appreciate the time that Evie gets to spend with her GiGi. This year Evie helped her embroider quilt squares for a quilt she is making for Evie, learned how to make pie crust from scratch and generally loved GiGi's company.
We all enjoyed her visit and can't wait to see her again soon!
{Making pie crust with GiGi. They used it to make fresh peach cobbler!}

{GiGi made her famous and delicious fried chicken for Sunday Supper! So freakin' good!}

{Oh, and she also made homemade apple dumplings!}

{We went to the Zoo!}

{Four generations of women! Ignore my crazy look. This is the only photo of all four of us looking at the camera!}

Yikes! Google reader is going bye bye this Summer! Make sure to follow another way so you don't miss a thing!
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