July 11, 2013

Park Playin'

One of our favorite things to do this Summer has been to take Evie to the city park and let her play. We usually go grab a quick bite to eat before then head over for some outside fun in the sun! It's not the greatest park. Admittedly the paint is worn off the see-saw and some of the swings are missing, but to a two year old it's as cool as Disney World. Evie loves to swing on the swings and then charge up and down all around the climbing structure. After she takes a twirly turn on the slide, I scoop her up for a quick sniff of sweet sweaty toddler and a kiss on pinked up cheeks before turning her loose again. Next year we will introduce her to the ice cream man who frequents the park, for now we're enjoying her innocence and maintaining the stance that he's "just the music man".
This is what Summer is all about. I hope you are enjoying your Summer as much as we are ours!

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