July 16, 2013

Preparing for BlogHer '13: Self Confidence

It feels like it was eons ago that I made the firm decision that I would be attending BlogHer '13 and now it's here.
Some of my fears have come true. Although, I did manage to hook up with the best roomie EVER, Erin, the party invites have not been hugely forthcoming. But, I AM OK WITH THAT. I have to be OK with that. I was talking to my Daddy about this over the weekend. I was expressing how I'm nervous because there's going to be SO.MANY.PEOPLE there and what if no one likes me and I really didn't get invited to that many parties and he just basically said to chill out; there will be hundreds of other women (and maybe a few men) in the exact same position as me.
That's when I realized it's time to take the pressure off of myself. Yes, I want to meet my blogging friends in real life. I want to squeeze Melissa, and Erin so tight and I can't wait to meet some fabulous people like Nicole and Jayne, and I'd love to walk away with some kick butt P/R connections, but I also realized that I can't be what I'm not. I have to let go of my fear of people rejecting me, of cliques and realize if people don't want to talk to me, if they've already got their circle of friends that it's not about me. It's about them and I'll find some equally as awesome folks to hang out with. In short, it's
I can only control what I can control. I can only control my circus and my monkeys. I can only put the best of me forward and know that the best of me is pretty damn awesome. Realizing that has allowed me to let go and really get excited about this conference. It's going to be so much fun. I'm going to spend four days walking with my people and not being snickered at when I feel the need to tweet, instagram or facebook all the things. I'm going to learn and reevaluate and probably cry. I am going to smile until my face hurts.

See you there fellow BlogHer '13-ers!

PS: If you see me at the conference come say hi! I promise I am super nice, I don't bite and I love to make new friends. If you are feeling a little like I was, leave me a comment with your phone number and I'll message you mine. Maybe we can hook up and hang out!

This week and next I'll be posting a lot about getting ready for the conference, articles I've read and what I'm packing!
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