September 11, 2013

Day Out With Thomas Review

First let me say that this post is in no way sponsored. I was not given tickets or any other promotional items in return for this review. I just want to share my honest thoughts with y'all!
After a bit of a rough start on Friday night due to some problems at the hotel (see my Twitter for more on that) we woke up Saturday morning a bit bleary eyed but very excited to surprise our little Thomas the Tank Engine loving girl with a trip to meet her idol in person!
We arrived at the Tennessee Central Railway ready to have some fun! They checked our tickets at the gate and presented Evie with a sticker and a little Mega Blocks Thomas the Tank Engine toy. From that moment on my little girl was just awestruck. There were tons of activities for the kids. Our first stop was at the temporary tattoo booth. Evie, of course, picked a Thomas tattoo! She was so proud of that thing and showed it off to everyone! Next we played with the toy trains for awhile and took some pictures.  After playing it was time to get in line for our 10-o-clock train ride!
{Getting her first tattoo!}
 {Showing off her tattoo!}

{Playing with trains and taking pictures!}

We only waited in line for fifteen minutes or so, and I have to say that the boarding process was very very organized! Very impressive considering the amount of toddlers and young children at this event.

{Shiny train cars!}

{Waiting in line with Uncle William and Daddy!}
Once we got on the train every child was presented with a Junior Conductor certificate and there were photographers on staff who came by and took pictures. The train ride itself was kind of a let down. It was so slow. I mean I've met turtles who moved faster than this train. I am positive Evie did not even know she was on a train, and from what I observed of the other children in our car I don't think they did either.

{Staring out the window waiting for the ride to start!}
{These two might possibly maybe be related!}

{Family photo outtake and one of my favorites from the day!}
Once the train ride was over we de-boarded to stand in line to have our picture taken with Thomas. We were the last in line. Once we finally got up to the front one of the staff members informed us that we would have to "hurry hurry" through our pictures because they had a schedule. Um, no. Just no. We waited for thirty minutes in the blazing sun to get our daughter's picture taken with Thomas. You best believe we were gonna take our sweet time. The girl was quite rude about it especially since she didn't tell any of the other people in front of us to hurry. Not my problem. So, we took our time and got pictures of Thomas, pictures of the three of us and also a family photo with all of the grandparents and my brother.
{Pictures with and of Thomas!}

After waiting in the sun we were all dying of thirst so we stopped by the food tent to get some water. I noticed that Evie appeared to be breaking out with a heat rash so we spent a few minutes getting her to drink some water (which we finally mixed with juice so she would drink a decent amount). I later learned that Tennessee experienced some of the hottest days this Summer last Saturday and Sunday. After getting Evie hydrated we went to go look at the pictures that the event photographers took. My mother-in-law bought a flash drive with all of the pictures they took.
At this point we were all still blazing hot and since it was getting closer to noon we knew that it was only going to get hotter. We decided to go ahead and hit the gift shop and head to lunch in Lebanon. As we were walking toward the gift shop Thomas was proudly pulling the train back into the station. Evie caught sight of him and was immediately struck with pure joy. She was literally vibrating with excitement. If you took away everything we had already done that day, all the fun stuff and the pictures, that one moment right there would have made it totally worth it.
 {She's totally a Thomas groupie!}
It was the perfect ending to our Day Out With Thomas, and even though there were a ton of other fun things to do like take pictures with Sir Topham Hatt, go on a mini train ride, watch episodes of Thomas and Friends or even enjoy a magic show, it was clear that we needed to get out little one out of the sun and into some air conditioning.  We stopped by the gift shop where Evie picked out a few things and we all bought a few Christmas presents. Then, it was time to say good-bye to Thomas until next year!
All in all it was a great day and definitely worth the money and the drive from Memphis. My only compaints were the heat which no one can control and the single rude worker. Everyone else was so nice, obviously fantastic with kids and very helpful! I'll definitely reccomend this to my friends! We had a wonderful time and look forward to hopefully attending again next year!
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