September 19, 2013

DIY Bathtub Paints

Last week I got a call from Evie's daycare with the news that she was sick to her tummy and that I would have to come get her. As a result I got an unexpected Friday off with my girl. Since she wasn't acting sick at all I wanted to do something fun after naptime. For the most part a trip out of the house was out of the question. After all, no one wants a giant poo'splosion on the park swing, know what I'm saying? It was quite warm outside and since hydration was a factor playing in the yard was kind of off the board. What to do?
Bathtub play times have been some of the best times for Evie. She loves water and has free reign to imagine and build! Plus, she's contained (a win for this mom)! I'd seen somewhere on Pinterest that putting shaving cream in a splash table was a great sensory activity so I thought why not in the bathtub? Then it dawned on me to add food coloring to the shaving cream to make DIY bathtub paints! Painting is one of her favorite activities so why not in the bathtub? NOTE: I thought I was a genius mom, but a quick glance around Pinterest and the Interwebz assured me that I am NOT the first to come up with this activity!
After a quick trip to Dollar General we came home armed and ready to make our own DIY bathtub paints! All in all the cost for this activity was around $3.50. That $3.50 will go a long way too since I bought two cans of shaving cream, and the brushes are reusable!

What You Need:
  • can of shaving cream
  • food coloring
  • brushes (I purchase reusable foam paint brushes)
  • an "artists pallette" of your choice. For this I covered a small cookie sheet in tin foil and taped reusable plastic cups to it. My internet wanderings have shown me that a muffin tin is also very commonly used!
What You Need to Do:
  • Fill whatever containers you are using on your palette with shaving cream.
  • Add food coloring of your choice.
  • Mix thoroughly with a fork being sure to rinse and dry your fork after each color.
  • Add brushes and fill up the tub for some bath time fun!
  • Let your little Picasso go to work on her masterpiece!

{Evie had a great time!}

*Before you do this with your toddler make sure that he is old enough to understand the concept of not touching his eyes! I told Evie that was one of the rules for bath time painting and she did just fine! However, if your little one is not old enough to understand that concept I'd look for a different recipe!*
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