October 3, 2013

31 Days of the Magic of Toddlerhood

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "a child is a curly dimpled lunatic". Most days I am found hands up in the air, expression of consternation on my face and pondering if, in fact, my child has gone insane. Some nights I am beyond ready for bedtime, and others I love sitting down and wading through fairytale lands of imagination.
I've made no secret of my deep love of toddlers. They are magical unicorns who change moods and desires with the swiftness of a raging river. They are keen observers willing to spend as much time watching a single ant on a sidewalk as they do to watching Dora and Diego go back in time to find dinosaurs. They are always willing to make you late with an imaginary game the rules of which only they are privy to. Toddlers are a reminder of what we really wish life could be, a wild dance to the best song you've ever heard, a safe harbor where it's acceptable to be yourself and to hell with everyone watching, a fashion statement that expresses how they are feeling that day and a place where imagination rules and the word hurry does not even exist.
As a mother I am always aware of the lessons I must impart to my daughter, and in this constant awareness I've lost sight of what it is my daughter can teach me. Joy. Laughter. Delight. So, for the next 31 days I'll be linking up with the nester and writing about the ups, downs, joys and lessons we can learn from our toddlers.
I'm a few days behind so bear with me as I get caught back up!
This page will be the landing page for all of my posts in this series and I'll be displaying my button on the side bar so be sure to come by and read the rest!

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