October 17, 2013

Cinderella Knew

It's early evening and I'm upset about something I don't think I should be upset about. I feel mad and sad and stupid all at once. The combination has been wearing on me all day and bubbles over in the form of tears when Chris gets home.
When Evie notices that I am upset she leaves the room only to come back with some of her most prized possessions: her shoes. Pink shiny sandals, light up sketchers, glittery Toms and a pair of boots. She drops them at my feet and says, "Look momma! Look at my shoes!" I look down and smile. How can my world be less than happy because look who I have in it. My lovely sweet girl who loves shoes and brings them to me to cheer me up.
We sit there for a moment discussing the different pairs of shoes, and I feel my soul healing.
Cinderella knew it and so does my darling Evie.
One shoe really can change everything.
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