October 7, 2013

Joy in the Little Things

Last week (and part of the one before) my husband spent nine days overseas in London. I try not to post about him being gone on here too much until after he has returned because I mean there might be a serial killer reading my blog, who might have my home address and might just be waiting until my husband goes out of town to break in and get me and my baby. Never mind the two very large, very loud, very protective dogs that also call me mom. Never mind them. Whatever, just call me anxiety girl.
I digress though. The topic of this post is a video I took of Evie for him while he was in London. I took on the task of potty training Evie while he was gone and in effort for him to not feel like he missed anything I took a bunch of photos and videos (you know the cute sweet ones not the ones of me mopping up pee for the eighth time that day).
On Thursday night when Evie saw her freshly laundered big girl drawers she flipped out. Despite not intending to start potty training until Saturday she was so excited I had to put a pair on right then and there. You'd have thought I had given her the keys to the kingdom. I whipped out my phone and took a quick video while sitting on the kitchen floor.
I've showed it off to everyone ever since -- it's absolutely adorable and a reminder that sometimes the little things should bring us the most joy. Chocolate ice cream on a hot day. Park swings in the Summer. Choo choo trains whooshing by. Clean underoos fresh from the dryer.


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