October 7, 2013

Life Created #5

We were so thrilled to see a few more of you joined us last week and can't wait to see your posts again this week. Your links were packed with such creativity! For those of you joining for the first time, welcome!

Life Created Tuesdays is all about sharing your latest project. Make it. Bake it. Build it. Then come back here or The View From Five Ten to link up your latest posts! Let's kick off week four of Life Created Tuesdays with this week's features.

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1) Melissa from Good Things Come in Small Packages wowed us with this beautiful tablescape!

2) This Cinnamon Spiced Applesauce from Jenn at We Do Fun Here looks amazing!

3) For the love of Quidditch, we are in smitten with this Harry Potter Scarf Pattern from Julie at Sum of Their Stories!

4) We are both looking forward to using this Toddler Counting Activity by Laura at My Thoughts - Uniterrupted! Evie and Jack will love it!

 photo ToddlerCountingActivity-1.jpg

Rules and Regs
1) Please link back to either Erin or me in the form of a link or the button below! Personally, I vote for the button since I worked hard on it and I think it's pretty cute! :) Help spread the word y'all!
2) Please link directly to a specific blog post and not your blog's main page.
3) NO giveaways or shop links. Period. End of discussion. Violators will be removed.
4) Posting here implies that you give permission for your blog post (including photos) to be featured the next week. We will NEVER remove a watermark or pass your content off as our own and we will always provide a visible link back to your blog! Pinkie promise!

5) Posting here gives permission to be added to the Life Created email list. This is one email that goes out every week once the link-up is live. If you do not want to be added to this list but still want to link up please email Me or Erin.


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