October 30, 2013

When The Sickies Strike

Last week the sickies majorly struck our house. 

High fever (102F-105F), no appetite, lethargy and a really yucky rash kept our girl down for four days straight. It was a pitiful up at all hours of the night, Go Diego Go marathon watching, pedialyte drinking and nothing but ice-cream eating week at our house. 

After two trips to the pediatrician, by Saturday morning Evie was feeling up to a trip to IHOP for "cake cakes" and that night a trip to Zoo Boo. On Sunday we had a blast at the Pumpkin Patch!

When Evie Has The Sickies

{Only the blankie that GiGi crocheted will do!}

{My normally clean sink looks like THIS:}

{My counter becomes a command center for all things fever and fluid related. Not pictured is the notebook where I write the time and type of medication after each dose. Also, yes my dogs tried to eat Evie's advil. Morons.}

{Ice-cream with sprinkles is a totally acceptable dinner food. PS my kid is convinced that only Christmas colored sprinkles are actually sprinkles. Rainbow or single color do not equal sprinkles. Ok. Whatever kid.}

I'm glad my baby is feeling better and is finally getting her appetite back. I am also, as always, so grateful to have our parents close to us. It is such a blessing to both Christopher and me, and also to our sweet baby girl!

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